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The first Hollywood Producer who read "Locked Up" said: "I'm making this a movie", now in the works. This original story finds the world's greatest violinist all alone in his own prison cell, but what a day that lies ahead of him. He must fight through his inner torture, with his mom, the warden, inmates, his legacy and finally even the devil to find his way. At least he has a girlfriend to help him, but wait, she is just a mannequin. This dark tale is told through music, dance, comedy, a love story, and truly defines the definition of a Broadway romantic dark comedy.

About the Author/Composer

Darius Campo is one of the most recorded musicians ever. Performing on over 2,000 films and 10,000 songs with virtually every big star since he was called to play for Sinatra at age 17. He has written music for numerous little movies and for Disney tv. He grew up around theatre as his mother and family were very much involved in the theatre. His father is a well known composer.

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